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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lullaby light up lamb - Lovely Bear ( New in box ) - SOLD to Norizan

The Retail Price : RM61.00
Selling Price at a bargain price : ONLY RM 48.00 including POSTAGE.

This is a lovely bear voice activated lullaby and soft nightlight.-This toy is suitable for kids from 3 yrs old and above.
The cute part of it : ( AUTO MODE )
- the soft music and night light by voice activated and shut off automaticallyin order to check and change the child during the night without disturbingsleeping.
- the light will off once the music off.
-if your kid cry suddenly it will automatically on the light with the softmusic till the baby goes to sleep.
(ON MODE) : Soft night light by push the dome of the lovely bear to turnON/OFF.
- FREE 2 batteries (size C/UM-2, 1.5V) You can try immediately this lovely toyto your kids once you received it. ;)