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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taiyohoshi Laundry Dryer-NEW

Laundry Dryer

No more
- Foul smelling damp laundry
- Taking up valuable balcony or garden space
- Harmful UV rays that cause clothes to fade
- High electricity bills
- Expensive conventional tumble dryers
- Lingerie flying off the balcony
- Acid rain splatters

Colour: Blue & White

Tips: For baby clothes it takes time arround 1 hr. For adult maximum arround 3hrs.

Electricity Budget: RM 0.29 for 1 hr. Maximum 3hrs : RM 1/perday.

Auto Off function makes life easier. You can just on and leave it for the whole night n wait for the great result early in the morning. :)

Very usefull for those stay at appartment or condo.

Market price : RM 399.00
Selling at a bargain price : RM 380.00
Follower's Price: RM350 only!!

~Open for pre-order. Tq.~