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Friday, October 21, 2011

Preloved Capella Lucky Baby Stoller - SOLD to HUDA

Brand : Capella Lucky Baby ~ Function exactly same as Combi Japan Stroller.

Condition : 7/10

* Compact & lightweight.
* Quick and simple tri-fold.
* Opens easily with one hand.
* Space saving specially if your car’s boot is small.
* Deep flat & Several recline position. Suitable from newborn till 18kgs.
* Adjustable Full canopy.
* Convenient carrying strap for traveling.
* 3-Point harness.
* Removable Seat Cover for washing and front bar.

Good condition and clean to be used but faded red colour. ( * turun warna selepas dicuci boleh lapik dengan comforter cover... ^_^. Pakai tuk lasak2 ok gak ni...Not for fussy buyer pls. Tq! )

Selling at a bargain price : RM 139.00
Follower's Price: RM135 only!!

~pls add in RM 10 for postage.tq~