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Friday, November 23, 2012

Totomo Shape sorter Solid wood - New Item- BOTH SOLD OUT, Tq!

2 units - SOLD,Tq!

Code: ET 005
Brand: Totomo
The Shape Sorting Cube helps teach sorting skills, colour and shape recognition and fine motor skills; encourages problem solving and manual dexterity.

Ages: 12 months & up
Homeschooling Activity:
1. Ask a child to build a tower with the blocks >> Help your baby and kids familiar with shapes and colors.
2. Encourage beginning counting skills by asking your child to count the block with you and repeat the activity until your child is familiar with the numbers one to twelve   
3.Once your child is familiar with the shape and colors, ask your child to hand you a specific shape or color block.

Selling Price: RM 31.00 only
Follower's Price: RM 30.00 only!

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