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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Funny Baby Stacking Cups - New Items

Code: ET014
1 unit Available, 5 UNITS SOLD, Tq!  

Size: 38 (H) cm in tower
Largest cup 7.5x5 cm
Smallest cup 5.2x4 cm
9 pieces
100% made by nontoxic materials (ECO-friendly PP)

Through play, your baby can exercise hand-eye coordination and fine hand movements.
Stacks of cups can be stacked descending or ascending a total of nine cups, baby's hands-on training capacity
Different colors and shapes of glass, will teach the baby to identify different colors and numbers letters, training your baby's vision
Teach your baby understand numbers and simple English letters 

Selling Price: RM 18.00 only!
Member's Price: RM 15.00 only!