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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Haenim Play Yard (new in box) with melody - SOLD,TQ!

Preloved Haenim Play Yard (new in box)

#The Melody play yard has a large Melody keyboard
with 7 large light-up, musical buttons on its
activity panel.
#Six of these buttons will emit the sounds made by
various animals (Horse, Dog, Chicken, Cat, Sheep
or Cow) when the baby presses on them.
#The central "Melody" button will sound
off a nursery melody every time the baby presses
on it.
# There are 12 popular nursery melodies that it
will cycle through.

Assembly Size: 1160mm(L) x 1160mm(W) x 600mm(H)

Selling Price:RM 590.00 only!
Member's Price: RM580.00 only!

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