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Friday, March 14, 2014

Magic Sticker ~ Alphabet and Shape ~ RESTOCK!!

 New Items 
Code: ED019 ABCs 
Code: ET010  - In Stock: 10 units
32 pcs / set
 Selling Price: RM 29.75
Member's Price: RM 27.00 only!
 New Items - AVAILABLE
Code: ED021 shapes
9 shapes

 Selling Price: RM 26.00
Member's Price: RM 23.00 only!

 New Items
 Code: ED020 abcs - RESTOCK
15 units in stocks
Double sided Letters.50 pcs/set

 Selling Price: RM 37.50
Member's Price: RM 35.00 only!
Beginning reading ~ You can stick anywhere! Your kid can stick movable alphabet at sliding door when u are in dinning hall, Your kid can stick movable alphabet at fridge if u in the kitchen, Your kids can stick movable alphabet at wall if u are in bedroom, Your kid can stick movable alphabet at window when u are in car.... you can teach your kid to read in active learning way! It really fun! Use flash card and ask your kid to find the letter and start read one by one letter sound and say the word.
  • Non toxic odorless
  • Enviromental Friendly
  • No adhesives
  • No magnets
  • Washable
  • Sticky on both sides
  • Sticky to vertical surfaces

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