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Friday, April 26, 2013

Ronnies The Elephant - Lamaze - NEW ARRIVAL

New Item.

Ronnie is a colorful elephant with lots of activities for a small body. He has four ears and four limbs. Each of his ears and arms are a different color/pattern. These provide all sorts of tactile stimulation. There is a wooly ear, a fuzzy ear, a silky ear, and a corduroy ear. When the ears are touched, a rustling sound can be heard. Between his two left ears, there are a series of short ribbons to touch. There are also some ribbons on the end of his trunk. Additionally, Ronnie is holding a jingly ball in one hand and a bumpy ring and a ribbed ring in his other.

Easy to hang from a cot, car seat or anywhere with the handy clip attached on top.

Selling Price: RM 49.90
Members Price:  RM39.90 only!

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