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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Felt Flash card hijaiyyah - All Sold out,tq!

Felt Flashcard hijaiyyah. - NEW ARRIVAL!
Sensorial prewriting and pre reading activity. Suitable from baby 3months and up. Touch n feel activity for baby! Alif to Ya.

Code:  EDF07 - Sold,tq!

Code:  EDF01
2 sets sold,tq!

 Code:  EDF02
2 sets available

 Code:  EDF03
1 set sold,tq!

Code:  EDF04 Light Orange
1 set sold,tq!

Code:  EDF05
1 set available 

Code:  EDF06
1 set sold,tq!

Selling Price: RM 50.00 only! 
Member's Price:  RM 48.00 only!

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